Thursday, December 18, 2008

I just want to know what happened

What the heck happened to the world I live in and operate in and deal with people in from yesterday to today that has made everyone either wacked out crazy batshit or angrier than me with pms or stupider than Itchy? I just want to know so that I can be prepared come tomorrow when things continue on this way.
yesterday. driving. Now people, I understand that we got snowed on and that it took you 2 or more hours to get home the night before. And I understand that yesterday the sun came out and it was about 5 degrees outside which felt like a heat wave. But seriously people. This is Minnesota. We do this EVERY YEAR. Every one. Why do you have to pretend it's summer and do your hair in your rear view mirror while simultaneously trying to drive everyone off the road? and why do bus drivers not see me? Am I invisible at 5 degrees and sunny? Never mind the parking lot at the store where everyone pretended they couldn't see the little yellow lines or my big green car and started weaving in and out of lanes at an alarming rate. And that was just yesterday.
mr phone call: why do i have a bill
me: can i get your account number
mr phone: i don't understand this (angry)
me: it seems that you were seen in the emergency room on blah date
(inside head starting to scream)
mr phone: no i wasn't
me: you weren't in the emergency room on blah date?
mr phone: well maybe but i didn't see a doctor
(emergency room without a doctor? is this possible?)
me: that's what the bill is for.
mr phone: well you already got money. why do i owe you
me: you have a copay.
mr phone: well, that's all your getting. don't bill me again
me in head: and you were seen in the emergency room or weren't seen by an imaginary doctor and you don't need therapy?????
me: have a nice day.

mrs phone call: I got a check in the mail. what are the dates on it for?
me: those are for the dates of service the patient saw you
mrs phone: so I saw her on blah date?
me: um..... that's what the bill was for....
mrs phone: and the other dates?
me: umm....... that's what was billed...
mrs phone: so was I paid for all of them?
me: um... have you billed for all of them?
mrs phone: i don't know.
me: um... (screaming inside head)
mrs phone: i just want to know if i can cash this check.
me: um.. go right ahead.

you see? what the heck is going on??????

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