Thursday, December 11, 2008

Tis the season for Karma

Karma has kicked my ass this year. And it's pissed me off. Which is probably not the right reaction to have towards Karma, cuz, you know, it's KARMA, but still. I'm pretty ticked.
Every year at work we have secret santa. I usually don't participate, but this year I thought I would. Don't ask why. Bad things happen when I decide to participate in things, which is why I don't, but heck, let's throw all that aside and see what happens. Well, bad things, let me tell you.
Let's start by saying I like the people I work with. Most of them I like all the time, and some of them I like part of the time. Maybe 2 of them I hardly ever like. And I have a thing with grammar and spelling and correct speech. Which means I usually don't like the people that can't do any of them. I try to overlook it. Really. I try. But one can only try so much. I used to have a coworker that used the improper tense of the word saw for everything. "I seen that movie last night". ALL THE TIME. She never used the correct past tense. She never said the word "Saw". Ever. (this apparently still drives me crazy). I have given in and decided it is a midwest thing, because almost all of the people I work with use the word "seen" this way. Fine.
But I draw the line at calling a freaking votive candle a "votem". It's not a votem. there is no such thing as a votem. If there is such a thing as a votem, I'm quite sure it wouldn't smell good when you lit it.
So this is the person I got for secret santa. The person who seen a votem yesterday. I had a brilliant idea to get her a bunch of VOTIVE candles and cross out the ive and write in em. But that might start a work war. Which would be amusing, but not worth it.

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