Thursday, August 21, 2008

2nd time's a charm

I recast on the Summer swing jacket, and boy o boy am I glad I ripped her out and started over. All of the problems I had the first time I learned from, and I had the forsight to add the Noro to the bottom for the edging (thanks for the bday present mom!) It is the PERFECT yarn in the PERFECT color to add to this sweater. It has a weight to it that hangs the jacket nicely, and is such a great color, a blue-green in royal/dark hues to complement the light blue of the body. LOVE.

The only other mod I might make is to use a prettier frog closure for the neck part instead of the japaneese style wooden buttons.

In other news, Ravelry rocks! (Where I got the summer swing jacket pattern btw). I got a message from a fellow user who is making a sweater but is going to run out of yarn, but she searched and saw that I had some of what she needed, in the right dye lot and all, and asked if I could spare some.

On a side note-I truly believe in knitters karma. well, nice people karma, but knitters are the nicest of all. A few times in the last year or so, someone has posted on that they needed/wanted/couldn't afford/had an accident/ etc, and I truly believe that in my state of having enough and not wanting for anything that if I have the means, I should help. I'm not rich or whatever, I'm just blessed. I am happy and content and even sometimes blissfull in my life, and I truly believe that because of that I should help others if/when I can. Because as we all know, this state of life might not last forever, and I may have to call upon others to help me. Even if it's for a certain dye lot of yarn. So I help when I can.

So, even though I love said yarn, (it's classic elite lush, a lovely blend of angora!) that I got for a steal, I happened to see the woman's page and that she really was doing a lovely job on her sweater. I almost wanted to give for free, but I'm not that rich!

In another weird note, she happens to be from minneapolis, so I told her to drop me a note when she comes next time. Small world!

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