Thursday, August 14, 2008

I hate/love this sweater

Remeber the part in Grey's Anatomy when Meridith is giving Derek her "pick me" speech, and she gets to the part where she says something about "in a hate you love you way". Well, that's me this week. Enter Summer Swing jacket.

Looks pretty good huh? It's a pattern found on Ravelry, and oh the woes and loves that this pattern has given me.

The first woe was that the designer forgot to include the part about making 2 sleeves. I went with it, dutifully believing that designer had a secret I had yet to see. Nope. No right sleeve. Email designer. Oopsy, she forgot to add that part. Fine. Mad, but fine. Rip out sleeve, reknit with 2 sleeves this time.

Then I decided that midway thru the back and midway thru a row, that I was going to change to garter stitch. This is knit in stockinette stitch. Obvious difference. Whatever. It bugged me, but no way in heck or hell was I ripping out the whole back and sleeves. I considered adding a bow to hide it. Really.

That was about 3 days ago. Before I forgot how to tell the right side from the wrong side. My brain, in the middle of watching Ghost hunters international, decided to add the 2nd part of the right sleeve on the wrong side. yep. Second part of the sleeve was facing in toward the body, 1st part of sleeve out like an arm. How long did it take for me to figure this out? Until I only had about 4 inches left before seaming. 4 INCHES! out of 8 gazillion stitches, I realized this now.

Although this seems like the saddest knitting story of all, and yes, I was almost in tears last night, trust me, there is a happy/moral side. the love side. I realized that when you look at something and you realize it isn't how you want it to be, rip it out and start over. Seriously. (just the knitting of course, you can't rip out a husband, well, you can try, but not my idea don't hold me to it) Part of the way in I decided that the bottom was curling something awful and found this great yarn that my mom had given me for my bday last year and thought to add it as the bottom trim, but bottom was done. See above pic for lovely Noro yarn. Perfect color for this sweater. Love it. Then the back/garter stitch incident, and really, a bow would have just been stupid. Now this. Really. I should have just ripped the darn thing in the beginning. The knitting fates got me this time. I bow to them.

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