Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Do ya really wanna go there?

So at this place I work, there is another place that we share space-ish kinda with. That place has people that work there that come over to talk to our people sometimes. Well, there is this one person, DR so and so, dr s for short, that thinks and has always thought that it is his business to tell me how bad smoking is.
interjection time-I am 31 years old and KNOW that smoking is bad for me. I know this, I promise you. The problem is I am smart now and was stupid when I started. can't go back and unstupid me. Smart me has to deal with what stupid me did, and I choose to have my own thoughts about how to go about that. If you have ever been or are a smoker you know what I am talking about. If you aren't, and you think that you can just quit, stop talking to me.
Like dr s. Stop talking to me. One year before new years he kept insisting my resolution was to quit smoking. not a question, but a statement. When I showed up after new years and went outside he said "oh, resolution failed." Seriously? I didn't even set the goal and I've failed it? Did I miss something here?
Today he's sitting talking to someone that smokes, i walk by and he actually points at me and says "you're a smoker" um. yea dumbass. When did I ask you to tell me that? Did I forget and ask you to remind me somewhere? Dr S proceeds to spiel about whatever it is he wants to say about smoking. I leave. Seriously. Exactly where in his brain does he think that he can get away with passing judgement and making comments about a persons personal (aka breaktime) habits that he doesn't work with and doesn't even know the last name of said person? Exactly how perfect is dr s that he thinks that randomly offering his opinion to people he doesn't know except in passing is acceptable? Seriously?
If it were legal to hit people at work without getting fired, dr so and so would be right the freak up there.


karina said...

I feel for you. I used to smoke, started when I was 13 and quit when I was 30.
I was a stupid teenager that though I knew better also both my parents smoked so hardly an anti-smoking household. I used to hate people telling me what to do, It does not matter what people tell you or how much they carrie on. You your self have to find the reason to quit. I desided to quit when my first daughter was born, I took one look at her and decided that nobody would ever smoke around her and that included me. She was worth it and keept me motivated. One day something will happen and the desire to stop will just click and you will stop. My daughter is 13 now. Tell Dr s that you don't smoke around him so he should mind his own business, Tell him that he so gets on your nerves that it actually encourages you to keep smoking, maybe that will stop him in his tracks. Hope you find the right motivation one day to stop. Karina

Mulderknitter said...

Thanks Karina! I appreciate the advice and the comment

Deb said...

I read and re-read your blog entry about the person commenting on your smoking. Seriously! Where do people get the idea that they can dictate what others do? Should you follow him to lunch and make "tsk, tsk" noises when he gobbles down a greasy burger and coke? He sounds like one of those people who think they are the sole purveyors of good taste, good sense, whatever. However, what he's doing is rude and inappropriate. He needs to mind his own business.

Mulderknitter said...

Thanks deb, I appreciate the comment. I wish I could say something without getting myself in trouble! until then I will just blog about it!