Friday, August 29, 2008

Done, now to start the xmas knitting

The Summer swing jacket is done. The last of the knits, (fingers crossed behind back) for myself before the xmas holiday season. I modified a bunches, see other posts, and in the final photo you can see I added the Noro (gorgeous up close, really lovely colors) for the trim on the edges and neck. The neck I made is nothing at all like the pattern, but I like it more. And I added a vintage pin that I happend to have found a while back for the closure at the top. All in all a lovely sweater, but I will make it longer next time. I think the designer had smaller boobs than me.

oh, I found my diamond earrings in the sock drawer below where the earrings are kept. Me thinks a certain kitty person knocked them in there.

So now I am on to the holiday knitting. Eric, go read another blog. Lots of blogs to read. bye. mom too. other people to meet and greet. come back next week. I dont' think anyone else that I gave this bloggy address to reads this, but if you do, come back later and don't read this post. Seriously. I will open up a can of whoop ass.

Eric's knit is a hedgehog like Leo's was last year, only in sonic the hedgehog colors. I want to make mom a sweater, but time is getting a bit limited on the sweater. She may get Grumperina's odessa hat, with or without the beads, pending beady difficulty. Leo is definately getting the felted kitty, pending finding a black feltable yarn and piecing together the pattern.

So said, I did a proactive thing for holiday knitting I have never done before. I actually took out the patterns for the knits and put them all in a plastic bag with the yarn together as my "kit". They are all in my "wip" box. Now, whenever I need to start a new knit, the whole kit is there. I feel seriously brilliant right now. August, and I have holiday knitting kits. Someone congratulate me.

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