Friday, February 20, 2009

Better today

Much better today. In fact I woke up and watched my usual tv (Grey's and ER) and got a bug to do some declutter and cleaning. Walked around the house with the swiffer duster, put away in a box lots of stuff I was sick of looking at. Threw out old dusty candles, took down a picture I didn't like anymore, Threw out old potpourri (I don't even like potpourri) put away cookbooks (I don't cook) except for the 2 books I do use for baking, put away lots of odds and ends in the box that just didn't go anymore and were just collecting dust. And I dusted. And I swept, vacuumed, litter boxed, etc. Now I'm kinda tired.

I did finish a new felted bag yesterday. And just for kicks I did a bit of needle felting on the flap to try it out. I kinda like it!


wildrose said...

Great bag! I hope Grandma sees this one. I had to post a comment to see if my edited profile with pic comes out ok. I won't start over-commenting, I promise.

Mulderknitter said...

Good job on the posting comments mom! love the pic of Filly!