Friday, February 6, 2009


I accidentally got a virus on my computer at work. Not even close to having any idea how it happened. I type a lot without looking a the screen, so I think I hit enter without looking and downloaded some crap. It's called "antivirus 2009". funny. the antivirus is a virus. DO NOT DOWNLOAD! If you do, you will stump the crap out of the IT guy that is only there to get a paycheck and no one actually knows why, and then the actual people that know what they are doing will show up and spend 2.5 hours getting rid of said virus. Crap I say. Crap.
Another Oopsie is that I walked into the yarn store today to get 2 things. Walked out 60$+ later. And the retro clothing store is right next door, oopsies. $40 later, I have an absolutely awesome dress. Almost freaking made for me. If it was made for me it would be a bit longer, but oh well.
There's my week of oopsies. Did you make an oopsie?

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