Thursday, February 19, 2009

Plauge stricken

That would be me. Plague stricken. My eyes are burning and watering. my throat not only hurts, but it's kinda gooey. I coughed so hard this morning I saw stars. And to top it all off when I went to get in my car today to go home to make sweet love to a nap and some tea, my car didn't want to get out of park. Confused, fever ridden brain didn't understand this for a good 5 min and I just sat there trying to ram it and swear at it and then sat there foggy until I went and called the car guys up the road. There's a thing you can pull up from the stick part and jam a thin long thing in it and it makes the car get out of park. Did that and it worked. Drove car to car guy and he thinks theres a short between the park shifter and my brake lights because one brake light was shorted. The way he said it it made sense at the time. I'm sure it makes sense to him, and that's all that matters. (this is the guy that did overtime to put in my remote starter. We like him) He said to see if the brake light shorts again and bring it back. Which I will do.
I took my nap and feel worse, so I made some tea and I'm off to watch Lost (ha! irony) and knit in garter stitch until my head explodes.

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