Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Let's not jynx it

I am on a roll folks. Not only have I frogged the stuff that I wasn't going to finish this year that had been idling forever, but I have finished a lot of stuff that was sitting around for at least a year or more.

See previous post - monkey socks almost done - idling for 2 years.
See sewn pajama bottoms for Eric - idling for 3 years.

And my major accomplishment, finished today is the bag in the pic above. It's the bag that had the idled for over a year, spent a weekend working on until the handles were sewn on the inside, and today, I ripped and re did the handles, and all is good. I love this bag. This bag rocks as hard as it was to make, which is good, because it feels like a big accomplishment that way. The inside lining is of a different fabric, but only 3/4 of the way. the rest is the main fabric. And there is a pocket on the inside. And the darting of the side corners? Well, you can't see it but they rock. (this was the main ornery area of the pattern. It usually is for me)

Also, finished another felted bag today, it got needle felting for the bottom and will get the metal clasps sewn on for the buttons in a few minutes.

As soon as Itchy decides it's not his bed.

Oh. And Mulder needs a bath. Again. He got one around this time last year too. But he has stopped being able to reach the top of his butt and it is seriously matted and greasy and dandruffy. He's kinda smelly and gross right now. And no, he won't let me brush it.

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