Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sorry no bloggie for a while. Not a whole lot going on. I did get to finish my part of the oddball pet blanket, "whiskers wooby" and will be donating that shortly. I also picked up a few pet toys at the dollar store to go with. If you're curious on what the blankets look like, I've included a pic.

Also at the dollar store was a huge amount of yarn that's being discontinued by Patons, Pooch yarn. I tend to kinda like this yarn, even though it's a novelty yarn. It's nice for scarves. It's warm and thick, though a pain to knit with. I picked up 20 skeins. C'mon! It's the dollar store! That stuff was going for $7 at Michael's!

No, I still haven't finished the purse straps. maybe sunday. Maybe not. I'm actually working on a few things, finishing those darn Monkey socks, I cast on for a nice lace shawl that will take about 3 years to make (being made with Blue Heron 1000 yards, mercerized cotton color walnut) This yarn is so out of control gorgeous. I've included a pic, but it does no justice. You really need to see this stuff wound into the cake and then on the needles in the lace pattern. It has hits of blue and pink along with the "walnuty" color. Love.
I also have cast on twice for an afghan, but can't seem to get the pattern right. I'll try again. It goes fast, knit on size 17 needles and double stranded worsted weight yarn.
That's it for now, nothing exciting. Having steak and watching a movie tonight.

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