Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Damn you Tracie!

Everyone now go read Tracie's blog. ............. Did you read the part about the sick, the hospital, the antibiotics??? Yea, well, damn you Tracie! I am now sick and I blame you to hell! My throat is killing me and I have a fever. Yes a damn fever.

( I really love you and don't blame you, well... kinda....just knit some more for Acrylic blankets and I'll forgive you :))

Aside from that we've had some kids around 14 or 15 running around between a few of our houses here on the block trying to break in. They almost kicked in the door of my neighbors, ran across another very large man neighbor and ran away, got the cops called on them a bunch of times, and last night Eric ran them off from lurking between ours and our neighbors house. It's a bit on edge around here lately. We have good security, nice high fences and sturdy doors, but it's still pretty freaky. Us and the neighbors are in constant contact lately, we know when each other are home and when one is home alone. Last night I heard a noise and found myself standing straight up in the middle of the room. I hope this passes soon, cuz it's making me tired.

A tv/movie update:

We watched Zach and Miri make a Porno, awesomely funny movie if you don't mind a bit of porn. Has hilarious references to early 90's high school.

Watched the movie 21, movie about kids in college that go to vegas and get lots of money. Good enough for entertainment, no revelations. Kevin Spacey is still awesome though.

Also saw the movie Saw V, very much like all the others. Gore, a bit of a twist, and still good if you liked all the other ones.

Not a lot on Tv other than Medium, Lost and Nip/Tuck. Medium is a bit slow for me this season, not a lot of grit to it, but it is regular tv.

Lost rocks. The last few shows have really had me because they reference a lot to the first few seasons. So if you are a die hard that has watched them all, this is the season for you. If you haven't, don't watch this season. Go back and start from the start and then watch this season. The part where Locke shows Richard the compass and asks Richard to come visit, well, awesome.

Nip/Tuck is a bit sour for me this year too. The plot is sincerely lacking in everything. Not sure why I'm even watching.

Ending with Itchy figuring out a way to get into the blanket and be wrapped up all at once:


Tracie said...

I am so sorry!!!!!!!! I hope you are feeling better... :)

Mulderknitter said...

I am much better, albeit so much better I have to go to work on monday. oh well!