Monday, February 23, 2009


I am posting to show that I am making progress on the 2nd monkey sock. I am at the gusset, and would've been further if I hadn't read ssk as ss. Couldn't figure out why the heel wasn't decreasing the same. Didn't figure out until heel done. But I ripped back, which wasn't nearly as traumatic as it used to be, and am moving along nicely. I hate the gusset personally, but once through it the rest is a breeze.

Eric actually said they look like the most intricate socks I've ever made, and they are, and I think they are turning out quite nicely.

Fyi.. If you think you want to buy these nice socks or another such nice sock pair from a hand knitter, let me tell you, if you offer anything less than $500 be prepared to either get a look of death or have said knitter lose your phone number. Knitting socks is no easy matter. It is done on 4, or 5 small, pointy, double pointed needles, or sometimes 2 small circulars. it is done with small teeny yarn, and requires an infinite amount of stitches. One round on a sock? about 45-60 stitches. I estimate 150 to 300 rounds per sock, depending on size and length of leg. That's a lot of stitches. That's a lot of time. Depending on how fast you knit? If you have to rip back? Cables? 50 hours easy. So if you are planning to ask a knitter for socks, either offer a trip to Bermuda for exchange or hope that your knitter loves you enough to knit them for you as a gift. And you better love the crap out of them if you get them. If you don't and it were me? I would break into your house and steal those suckers right back.

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