Monday, August 24, 2009


I'm taking my mom to Hawaii! We are going Dec 26 - 30th! Honolulu here we come! She's always wanted to go to Hawaii, she turns 50 this year, and Hawaii is the 50th state and turns 50 this year too. We couldn't quite pull off her bday, so we're going later. Now I just have to find some sort of swim type thing to wear. The last time I tried on swimwear I cried and told the lady at Target they had the worst lighting ever in their dressing rooms. I'm hoping to keep it together a bit more this time. No promises.

I've also got a major case of knitting startitis. My new love, the Knitters Palette in Lakeville, was having an anniversary sale last weekend, 20% off all yarns and patterns, so I hit the road by myself and took a trip. So worth it. I could've spent all day there. The ladies were super lovely, and I met some Ravelers that I hadn't known before. Ravelry people are such a different breed of people. We go to Ravelry to connect with other knitters, so when we meet other knitters that are on Rav too, we instantly feel like they are our best friends ever. So much fun. I picked up lots of goodies that you will see in various stages of knitted items soon, I promise, including the fabled silky merino Malabrigo that I had thought only existed in the bowels of Ravelry, but no, it's in person and I'm knitting it! It's just not big enough yet to be pretty enough to photo. Oh, and some lovely Elsebeth Lavold silky wool that I bought 5 balls of and am kicking myself for not buying all of it. Oh, and some Malabrigo sock yarn in a mystical blue color. Oh, and the book Knit one Bead Too, because I'm trying to learn beading with knitting. Way pretty, but not so easy. Oh, and some other yarn too. I promise. Pics of knitted items.

ETA: No body fluids on the floor since Thursday of last week. Not sure if it was the Feliway plug in, the treats to entice to the pooper, or if Mulder got over his anxiety, but I'm taking it. I also have all new litter boxes that are open on the top, no covers. We had noticed no poo in the covered boxes, but now all are fully operational.

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Tracie said...

Many things to comment on-

Hawaii? Lucky you! and a Happy Birthday to your Mom. Remember, they don't like wool there.

A trip to a yarn sale and no pictures? I need to live vicariously so post a pic or two!

Last, congrats on the no fluids where they are not wanted.