Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Still working on it

After 5 days with the cats, I can say we are still working on it. Mulder peed yesterday on the rug, right after I sprayed the "no mark" so not sure how much that is actually helping at all. Dexter took a ginourmous human sized poop yesterday, enough that it freaked out Eric, which is hard to do. We got another litter box that is open on the top, so he has his choice, and he's used it, we just think he might not be completely comfortable yet. Which is understandable, it's only been 2 1/2 weeks.
What's fun is the early morning/evening romps between Dexter and Itchy. It's sounds a bit like a herd of cattle running up and down the stairs, and sometimes I think Dexter goes into flight on the stairs. He loves the stairs. We're pretty sure the wrestling and fighting is playing, no blood quite yet. Even so, Mulder has drawn blood on Itchy, so it's not so worrisome. It's actually kinda relaxing seeing them play, because it's why we got Dexter in the first place, or so we tell ourselves.
Back to work tomorrow, but just a 3 day week. I got the tool cupboard cleaned out and found lots of stuff I didn't know we had, like 2 hammers, about 10,000 nails, 8,000 screws, some really huge screw type things, some tent spikes for a tent we don't have, 4 tape measures, 18 screwdrivers, 20 or so s hooks in various sizes, lots of rope don't ask why, and some stuff left over from our fish tank days. It's all pared down, and the tools that were in the junk drawer are now with the tools, and our junk drawer looks sadly empty after the emptying of about 800 various parts to things we no longer own.
Gotta go, Dexter is climbing the printer now

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