Thursday, August 6, 2009

No body fluids for almost 2 days

It's been nearly 2 days with no body fluids in inappropriate places. I almost want to do a dance of joy, but the cats are all calm right now, so don't want to disturb the peace.
Mulder seems happier with me shutting the door to let him eat without kitty interuption. Note to self: let Mulder eat in peace.
I have friday, monday and tuesday off. I plan nothing. I plan to be responsible for nothing. After I hit the post office I am a free woman. I apologize to all my knitting friends waiting on packages from me, but the post office has seemed like an insurmountable obstacle the last few days. I will go tomorrow. The car will explode if I don't. After that, if you want me, come find me. I might answer, I might not. Dexter chewed thru the charger for my cell, so don't call that phone. And our house phone is acting like static is the new bread. So maybe not that either. And if you ring the doorbell I'll kick your ass for upsetting the cats, so don't do that either. Never mind, just email me if you need me. But I'm not promising anything.

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Tracie said...

Congrats!! Nothing like not having to clean up after the bosses right? (you know, your cats own you) Enjoy your days off. I am off Friday and I plan on riding the sofa for the day. Need to rest my foot.