Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I do still knit

Even though things have been crazy making, I'm still knitting. Sometimes just one stitch at a time, then running to catch disaster from happening or getting worse, but still knitting nonetheless. Isn't that what knitting is anyway? Just one stitch at a time?

I've finished a few things, a couple basic 2x2 scarves, a hat to match, a xmas sock for this year's charity, and have gotten 1 skein thru my Malabrigo shawl (for myself you can't have it). Not sure what I'm doing with the scarves and hats, the plan really is to make a bunch more and see if I can't sell a few to some coworkers or other's for xmas presents this year.

Yes, Mulder is still pissed at me. Yes, he peed on the floor again last night. Which was great, because he was marking and then Dexter decided he needed to re-mark and pooped the greatest stinkiest poop of all time on top of it. Rock out my house. But Mulder is eating, which is good, I've been closing the door the last few days to give him kitty reprieve while he eats, cuz that really stresses him out.

Tonight is a quiet night though, which makes me so happy you have no idea. The last week or so have been so crazy I haven't been able to think, sleep, eat, or see straight. I really hope to get to bed early.

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