Thursday, August 13, 2009

Stronger than beer

I need something stronger than beer please.
Mulder's peeing escalated. We pulled up the carpet, mopped, scrubbed, and still, this morning I got up to pee across the hardwood floors. Slanted, across, of course because the house is a bit slanted. Worried all day, and finally from the advice of a number of Ravelers, took him to the vet. I got him in the carrier, which he then peed in, he peed on the tech, he peed on the vet, he peed on the ultrasound, he peed in the carrier on the floor which caused pee all over the floor, to which the WONDERFUL vet tech helped me by giving me some towels and walked me to my car and laid towels in the car so I wouldn't get pee all over in the car. LOVE HER! (found out her cat pees too)
So he probably has a UTI, which is commonly a reaction to stress. So he could have just been stressed out when it was the explosive diarrhea, but it then caused the UTI, which caused the peeing, which caused me to break into tears in the vets office.
Thankfully, if it's a UTI (I get the results friday) it's just a pill. And despite his current status, he really is a great pill taker.
In addition, I have had the lovely experience of having the asshole doctor from our neighboring office decide to inappropriately caress my arm and ask how I'm doing so close to my face I could smell his breath. So I filed a harassment complaint. This is not news, this is the same asshole that has already had a sexual harassment complaint against him, and there were witnesses. But seriously, give me a stupid break. Hopefully this will just result in him being banned from wandering into our side of the offices, and that will be the end of it. Because really, I'm not sure I can take much more before I lose it.

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