Saturday, August 15, 2009

Worse to Worser

Well, not quite for me. Mulder's insulin is being upped now. Not a UTI, so thinking is blood sugar was too high and causing too much urine.
What is worser is that a coworker just had a brain tumor removed, and is going to have to go thru chemo and radiation. I've known this girl for 6 or more years, and even though we haven't always been the best of buddies, I feel for her. I put together a learn to knit kit with all the essentials, 3 needle types, stitch n bitch book, 2 yarn choices, and a big fluffy wrap to cozy up in. She remarked once that she would like to learn how to make scarves, so I'm going to her house tomorrow to give her a lesson if she wants.
I don't do flowers for get well soon, I do yarn.

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