Monday, August 3, 2009

Let me add

I just need to add that Mulder is a man and he has been with me for 13+ years, and so he has figured out how to get my nerves in a bundle. Friday night he sat in front of the tv, looked at me, and peed.
I say this gets my nerves in a bundle because of his diabetes. Don't want his insulin/sugar to get whacky.
He does this because he's pissed. Very PISSED. He's realized that Dexter is staying (I think he didn't get it till now) and he's mad as hell. I know he's pissed at me because he looks at me when he pees. If he has an infection he tries to hide the pee, not make sure as shit I see him doing it. So don't tell me to go to the vet. I know my cat. He hates me right now.
He had my nerves so shot by Sunday that I cleaned nearly everything, vacuumed, dusted, and I'm thinking about spending the 2 days I have off next week cleaning out the basement. Oh, and some beer helped.

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