Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I get some days off

I like my job. I swear. I even got another degree so I could do my job better. But I need some days off. Seriously. My boss (everloving sweetheart that she is) just took of a week and a half to move. Meaning I got to play boss. (ie: Gretchen isn't here. ask later) So I need a vacation. insert STAYCATION. I am taking off 4 full work days to get some stuff done before the snow flies and I go berserkershit out of my mind. I will be attempting to install outside motion lights, put tracking on the basement stairs, grocery shop, and maybe fix the fence. Oh. and I may nap a bit and knit and spin. I haven't done any spinning (as noticed by Cindy) in a while, because I've been on xmas knitting speed. But I had a thought. What if what I spun was part of xmas? Like, ha, here I spun this try to make something from it? Still working on that plan.
If you get random bits of yarn that have a gift tag from me, I spun it. Try to knit with it. Tell me it rocks.

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