Sunday, October 26, 2008

I think I have too many ideas

Besotted is done. Done I say! Even though there is about 20 yards of the Malabrigo left, I cast of, wove in ends, and she is done. She argued too much about whether she would knit right towards the end, so she's done.
Now I'm a bit at loose ends. I cast on for those socks with the yarn that Cindy sent me, got to the gusset and got bored. I cast on for a lovely and if-it-works-out will be my favorite sweater ever.
Monkey socks are still on the ribbing for sock #2. But I have yarn for a great scarf/hat/mitten set I want to start on. Also still want to chug on the afghan that has idled for about a year. And Mom is bringing me the afghan she started that was supposed to be a birthday present but it still just yarn and is going to teach me hairpin lace. ( wow, is that a theme? yarn that was supposed to be a present but is still just yarn? I guess I inherited a lot). hmm..
Is it the weather? Do knitters instinctively want to cast on tons of stuff in the winter so they'll be surrounded by wooly warm goodness? Do we automatically revert to hat/scarf/mitten/sweater sets at this time of year because we want to already be wearing them? Do I want to knit an afghan because the one I have right now isn't warm enough? Of course, that's not considering that by the time I have an afghan done it will be 2 years from now and probably summer.

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