Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Last day of vacation

Yes, I know it's weird to go back to work after vacation for only 2.5 more days until the weekend, but it just worked out that way.

Got the outside lights installed. Took the guys 4 hrs on the front light and 1 hr on the back. Why? Some weird electrical stuff that I don't understand, but they had to run a line up from the basement for the front. Apparently "dead" wiring and such. Eric asked but I had no idea really, and he seemed perterbed that I didn't. I hired the guys for that. BECAUSE I have no idea. I thought it was better that way. And the lights work. Both of them. One guy just turned the front off and on a bunch with a grin. Seriously.

One thing about having workers at your house is they are loud, they go in and out (especially when working on lights where the wiring is inside and the light is outside, go figure) they track in stuff, and they make you worry about using your own bathroom because it doesn't have a lock. And they freak the CRAP out of the cats. So when they said they might have to come back to finish the back I said no way, you finish torture now, now I say! no more coming back to refresh torture! Well, I didn't say that. But it was clear. And the guys cell phone played Kung Fu Fighting. And it rang all the freaking time. I had a headache, I can at least say that.

I did get a ton knit on my Besotted scarf, see pic. That's the thing about workers in your house. You can't hover, but you don't want to leave or go do something far away. Especially when one guy walks through your living room with a huge metal pole aiming straight for the gazillion and a half dollar tv. Nope. Stayed put and knit. Which made for a decent, if somewhat tense, day.

All in all I think vacation accomplishments went well. The fence isn't fixed and the garage gutters aren't cleaned, but now I feel ok doing that on a weekend. Dang it, the cat needs more syringes. Don't let me forget to pick up more needles!

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Tracie said...

Sounds like you had some good time off! That kitty scratch made me cringe. Usually I wake up in the morning with unexplained ones on my arm or chest. What exactly am I sleeping through?