Friday, October 24, 2008

Itchy needs a tooth removed

Argh! Itchy went to vet today, I KNOW he has tooth problems. But today it was worse. His tooth is being reabsorbed into his gums and needs to be removed. And cats don't have single teeth like we do. they have root system. so it's about 3 teeth in a root system that has to come out. Apparently this is common in cats. Ugh. It's an enzyme thing. Ugh.
Fortunately, for the first time ever, DH said that he would be around to help with the transfer of said demon seed. I think it's because it's "his" cat. I also think he didn't second guess the diagnosis because it's "his" cat. Remember the bickering when Mulder had pancreatitis and I had xrays and such done and he "mentioned" that the cost was a bit high and I was doing a lot for the cat? I do. No such "mentioning" this time.
That's the only comment I will make on that.
I am just happy that he made the effort to try to help with the transfer of spawn of satan to evil vet of doom. You should have heard the howl that came out of that boy when the lovely (I sincerely love the CRAP out of our vet and ask for her by name) vet came in and asked "how is Itchy?" OH my. she was nice though and polite, and just remarked that he was "vocalizing". Notice I am using a lot of quote marks for this post.
Lets just say that the vets office shouldn't LEAD the exam with a rectal temp. Maybe leave that for last. I'd be a bit pissed too and so would you.

On other lovely notes, I am raging away on my knitting. Besotted scarf is almost done, I am swearing to finish the ball of yarn even if my fingers and the needles resist. Cindy sent me some of the most lovely handspun for socks, and when I remarked that it was softer that anything else I've gotten she said it was because she spun in some extra soft stuff she had leftover. Smart smart girl. Oddball blankets are coming along. I'm on 2 groups right now, the midwest oddball baby blankets and the Pet snuggle project. Loving them both. The firl that runs the midwest babies seemed a bit overwhelmed, and I have more than my fair share of extra yarn, so I started my own blankie for the group, "it's not easy being green". I bought myself a stitch pattern book last week, and am having so much fun playing with the stitches and my extra yarn. I could seriously fill a few hospitals with blankies just with my yarn. The pet snuggles are awesome as well, and have a great special huge place in my heart. I can't adopt every kitty that needs love, either thru abandonment, illness, or other such heartbreaking issues, but with our blankies we are donating a bit of snuggle to each of them. Not just kitties, I know, but I like to think that if Mulder hadn't been found that evil wretched day and had to spend a day in the shelter, he would have had a blankie to snuggle/chew/pee on/ lay on/etc. So we are having fun.

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