Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Bad day-short post

I had a bad day today. A lot of people had a lot of problems that I had to deal with. I ususally like solving problems. Really, that is one of the best parts of my job. But crabby people making their mistakes my problem tend to tick me off. When you can't take responsibility for screwing up and make it my problem, when it's not even close to my problem, and try to blame my company and threaten to withdraw from the network when you suck anyway, you tick me off. Threats are stupid, and threats left on a voice mail suck even more. I could way go into more detail, but it has to do with healthcare claims and not a lot of you care to hear the minute details of this. Lets just say people suck. And I had already been bombarded with the stupidity of the human race when I was told very personal details of a person's life that I hardly know just because she wanted attention. And I work with her. So this sucked. I was literally standing there and was bombarded with way inappropriate crap about her life. This makes no sense to any of you. I know. But it is my way of saying I am really not in the mood for any more people who want to through a tantrum to get attention or not take responsibility for their actions.
nuff said.
So that's my life.
I thought I would update you on what I'm watching on tv, because, people, I am in my early 30s, have been with the same man for 13 years, knit and watch tv. this is my drama. (I am also saying that if you would like to introduce drama into my life, I do not care for it. tv is my drama. A dropped stitch is my drama. All of the above drama is offensive to me.)
So, I'm watching Nip Tuck, which just started it's new season last night. Seriously addicted to this show. It's not for everyone. It has bare butts and boobs, dirty sex, and seriously fucked up people. But I have no drama in my life and do not care to have any, so this rocks.
The Tudors season 2 is out on dvd. If you didn't see season one, you should. This is also a pretty dirty show, boobs and sex and all, and is shown on showtime, so not for the easily offended. But if you get into English history, especially the 1500's -Anne Boleyn, Elizabeth, Henry, Mary, etc, this is really addictive. Ever since I was a kid I've been really into this part of history, so I love the crap out of it.
Other than that the most exciting thing to happen to me lately is finding out that my pharmacy will mail me my meds, instead of me traipsing across town to pick them up. Seriously cool people.

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Tracie said...

I have Tudors (both seasons) in my Netflix queue- can't wait. Johnathan Rhys Meyers is HOT!!!