Friday, January 9, 2009

The Crying Game

Ya remember that baby set I was making for the first great-niece of a coworker? Well, coworker said that her niece had the ultrasound and the baby is a girl. Niece wants all pink and white. Well, nother ultrasound later and the baby is a boy. Yep. It's a boy. The tragedy is three-fold. First, I have put about 20 hrs of knitting into this set so far. The sweater (all pink) is about 3/4 done. This means new sweater. Another freaking sweater. After this kids, no one gets a baby sweater from me EVER AGAIN. Second, the trim on the fantastically heavenly soft white blanket is pink. The TRIM. How the freak do you redo pink trim???????? Third, the coworker knew all of this yesterday and was too scared to tell me until today. That means that last night when I was working diligently on the PINK sweater, I could have been working diligently on the now GREEN sweater we have decided on.
Good thing I saw my psychiatrist today. And my psychiatrist turns out to be a new knitter. So she totally understood when I said I was going to play video games and drink beer tonight instead of knit the NEW GREEN SWEATER.
Someone get me some beer please.

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