Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sticking things in my eye

So I've been cranky lately. The weather here sucks. Really sucks. We keep getting snow which I have to shovel, and then a blast of -20 degree weather. Even going to the store for lunch sucks. I don't want to go to the post office, and I certainly don't want to leave my warm snuggly bed to go to work.
Which is another thing that relatively sucks right now. Work. There isn't a ton to do at work right now, so my week drags so bad I want to stick things in my eye to entertain myself. I want to fart to see if anyone notices. And there is really only so much internet out there. So I went to my boss with a plan. 32 hrs a week. cutting back, working mon thru thurs, and off on friday. Temporary because we are going to electronic billing in July and I need to be there full time for that. My boss and her boss are fine with the idea, but the plan doesn't implement until monday. Which sucks. Because in my brain, I have been dealing with this no work issue for a few weeks and devising my plan, so I want said plan implemented now. So instead I will poke things in my eye and fart to see what happens.
Tomorrow is thursday, and I am going to bring my knitting to work. I have never actually KNITTED at work, but we'll see. Better than poking things in my eye.

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