Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Go figure

Monday night me and hubby got into a raging fight. The kind of raging screaming yelling cursing name calling fight that husband and wife can have when wife feels wronged. Husband said a bad thing in the middle of the fight, which caused wife (me) to call more names and threaten to throw things at him until he left. End of fight. Husband spent night on couch, wife left in the morning and didn't say anything. Wife spent entire day thinking of oh so brilliant things to say to husband when he came home that would make him sorry he ever learned to speak.

Then reality...Husband stumbles into front door. Husband uses back door. That's where garage is. Wife (fuming... ready with her words) looks at husband and asks if garage is broken. (in a snarky way of course). Husband says brakes in car went out going 50 mph on the highway and he had to use the emergency brake and almost died.

Oh. Well. Um. Wife tries to sympathize. Regrets wishing husband dead all day, but also wondering if simultaneously the fates have decided to listen to her and kill off all of the people she wishes dead. (must explore further). Wife's fuming is dissipated and for some reason this has quelled said fight and after initial figuring of what/who's car is going to get who/where the next few days, a semi-rational (I did say SEMI) conversation about earlier fight is resumed.

No real conclusion to said fight. But is there ever really?

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Tracie said...

I totally thought this was my blog entry! Sunday night found me in a similar predicament. I got a dozen roses on Monday night tho....hope yours works out!