Friday, January 30, 2009


Whew... what a week, I am so glad it's over. Technically it was over yesterday, but still. I slept until almost 11am today. Felt really good. Eric has the car still, so I had an excuse to not go anywhere and stay home and knit. That sweater is almost done. I just have half a sleeve, the neck, and the seaming to do. The neck is the hardest. This is the sweater that broke me for necks for good. The first time I knit this sweater I redid that neck so many times it was big enough for my waist. (curious on the pattern? it's the woman's simple pullover from Cables Untangled) So we shall see if it kicks my ass again. At least this time I know how to pick up the stitches the 1st time.
Eric bought a used car, we pick it up on saturday. It's a VW Jetta, he's very excited.
If you read Tracie's blog (the linky is on the left side) you will see she and I had a dual experience in husband's being stupid this week. Her's brought her roses, mine brought me wine. Seriously, we thought we were reading our own blogs when we checked in on each other. Maybe it was the moon.
I will be working on finishing up this sweater, and I am having a serious hankering for some socks. I may finish the 2nd sock of my Monkey socks that I started over a year ago. Hows that for second sock syndrome? I may not though. I have some beautiful colors that have been hiding away in my sock yarn bin for some time, and I may just have to start a new pair, or two, or three.
Just call me crazy sock lady.


Tracie said...

I think you made out better with the wine.....

Mulderknitter said...

maybe we should get our wine and roses together and have a stitch n bitch