Sunday, January 25, 2009

Handles on the OUTSIDE please

Yesterday Amy came over and because she sews way better than I do, I had her help me decipher a sewing pattern that stumped me about a year ago. And because I have been in the mood to finish things that have been started and stuffed in the closet or drawer when they pissed me off, this was a great idea.
And she fixed all of it in my brain. The pattern I mean. She figured it all out and even showed me stuff I had missed. Like a whole section. Looking at the pattern now, I would not have chosen it if I had looked more closely. But the bag is cute, the fabric is Amy Butler, so I forged ahead. After the sewing lesson, I took everything out and spent about 4 hours on it today. Got to the home stretch, fitting the handles and the lining together to the outer bag.
I actually managed to sew the handles to the inside of the lining and outer bag. In no way at all accessible as handles. This is a mistake I have made before. But clearly, I like to rip seams, so I did it again. No, I am not taking a picture.
but I have matured a bit. The bag is on top of the sewing table, instead of in a drawer. It will be finished sometime this week. Not next year. I swear.

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