Monday, March 16, 2009

Can't talk, gotta spin

The Lake Elmo Shepherd's Harvest festival is coming up again this May, and last year I bought a buttload of stuff. I was just getting my spinning wheel, so I bought a buttload of fiber. Uh oh. I can't buy more fiber if I don't use at least some of the stuff I bought. So I spun this Sunday. the pic is of some lovely Merino from Copper Moose. It looks kinda uneven because I inadvertenly plied the wrong way and had to unply and reply. I hope it sets a bit on the winder. We'll see. I bought a ton of merino from them because I love merino wool. It is so soft and lovely, and has a nice amount of "sticky" so that it doesn't break too much. The next pic is of the merino top that I bought at the festival, and is my next tackle. It is nice varigated fiber, and since I've only been working with solids, I want to see how this comes out.

The last pic is of the scarf I whipped out this weekend. It's austermann Murano wool and acrylic, and I love the yarn. Sadly, the yarn was a gift from a fellow snuggle knitter, and she hasn't seen the yarn in a few years.

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