Friday, March 27, 2009

More fun than should be allowed

I had a great day today at Detta's. Let me tell you, the drive out there was a bit of a mess with construction and not knowing where I was going, but it was worth it. She lives about 40 minutes outside of the city to the west, where there are actual farms. Small, 2 acre farms, but farms none the less. Her house looks small from the outside, but is huge on the inside. I only got to see a small part of the house, but oh my knitting goodness it is packed full to the rafters. Eric would have a heart attack from the amount of stuff! Good fibery spinning knitting stuff to the ceiling! I brought my wheel and we chatted and she outfitted me with everything I will need for plying. Love that woman to pieces. She is perfect for someone that doesn't know much, but has a few ideas of what they are doing. She directs and helps and points out things and just goes with it once she knows what you want. She explains and re-explains for people a little slow on the uptake like me. She had the stuff I needed ordered and then got on the phone with the company and made adjustments to the order to make sure it was right. How is that for customer service in today's economy! I can't imagine money better spent. If I had been left to my own devices, I never would have gotten all the right stuff. Then she showed me her lower level store. I started to sweat when I saw all the merino goodness and colors and yarns and needles and books and dyes...She left me down there to shop and I had visions of her going to bed and realizing my car was still in her driveway. I didn't have a watch, but I'm sure I was in her 4x10 space petting things for at least a half an hour. I settled on some lovely mill ends that she gets from the Brown Sheep company, a bare wool/mohair blend for dying, and the most gorgeous shade of purples/blues called sunset merino that I could have made a bed out of. She even let me weigh out how much I wanted. All told I still spent under $200 for the fiber, jumbo flyer kit, jumbo bobbin, and an extra doodad. She is having all that stuff minus the fiber shipped right to my house!
Let me tell you, owning a station wagon is heaven's answer to knitting/fiber nuts that couldn't carry it all home.
I did have to do some readjusting to the wheel once I got it home. It doesn't like to travel in cars as much as I would like it to. That was a pain. I hate readjusting the wheel. It's a millimeter here or there that makes it act totally different, and it's a pain. But she's back upstairs happy with another half bobbin of merino on her, and she's glad to be out of the car and Detta's, where she felt a bit inferior to all those fancy wheels. Detta had every single wheel there is, and then some in duplicates. She had antiques that were beyond gorgeous and in working condition, she had stools, she had older and newer models, and all were set up. The funniest thing was the treadmill wayyyyyy in the back of the room folded up and looking like there was no way in heck that even if she wanted to she would be able to get it out and use it. And I think it was the only non-wood or fiber piece in the entire room. Really. The only piece of metal in the whole room.
I am off to put jammies on and drink beer now. if you dont' hear from me for a few days, just call Detta and ask if I'm in her basement.

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