Saturday, March 21, 2009

I'm not crazy, it runs in the family

I was talking to my mom today and was reminded of a quality I have that others think is particularly nuts. My mom recently had to go and spend a few nights in a kind of "ronald Mcdonald" house because she was visiting my uncle who is undergoing major surgery. So she had to be there a few days. In the conversation she tells me that she met a new friend at the place she was staying at. Just randomly, out of the blue, she has met someone she will stay in contact with.
I tend to do this, but on a lesser level, and my husband including others think I'm a bit nuts. I talk to everyone. I can relate to everyone in some way. At the pharmacy, a guy was having problems with his copay and I helped him by explaining about how he should contact his insurance company. A couple at the liquor store was loading up some ice into a cooler with some beer, I commented that it was a nice day for a bbq and they commented back friendly. I talk to people everywhere. If I'm not talking to people, I'm talking to myself as if it is another person. This backfires sometimes, men think I'm flirting, I'm not, husband thinks I'm flirting, I'm not, I'm just relating to other people. I work in customer service. I have worked in customer service since the age of 14. I have always always always had to find a way to get thru the day dealing with people in a rational way. this involves talking to and finding a common ground with them, whether it's insurance questions or claims questions, there is a human on the other end of the phone, and establishing a relationship with them is the best way to make everyone happy.
I'm outgoing to the point of talking to strangers in the candle aisle at Target about why the heck they have $14 candles and getting a stranger to show me his kids pictures at a party. After talking to my mom today, I realized that even though husband and other introverted friends think this is crazy action, it's not. It just runs in the family.

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