Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Itchy strikes again

The toilet paper is an entire roll that Itchy destroyed because I wouldn't let him in the shower with me this morning. He doesn't really get IN the shower, he just gets between the curtains and FEROCIOUSLY needs to be petted. In a way that will scare the daylights out of you if you aren't prepared. And seriously, I would like to take a shower by myself sometimes. So this morning I shut the door so he couldn't get in. And he found the toilet paper from UNDER the door, and dragged it all off the roll, into the hallway. It really would've been hysterical if I wasn't running late like every day. At least he had fun.

the second pic is the merino top from last post, a full bobbin of it. When I was done with that bobbin yesterday, I realized I didn't have time to spin. I have 2 blankets and 2 on the way to me that have to get worked on. That's 4 blankets, and that's an awful lot. Not more than I can handle, but more blankets that I should be knitting on and not spinning. Which is a shame, because that merino is spinning up especially lovely. You certainly can't get the full effect of the colors from the pic, but it is just about every nice rich shade of color, and then fades to a lighter shade of that color.

Maybe tomorrow more spinning. Must knit blankets now.

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