Thursday, March 12, 2009


Well, another day at work. I decided this morning that instead of charging for the materials, I was just going to refund the total amount. I did this for one main reason, it is not worth any amount of money to me to continue to have a reason to have to deal with this woman. If I had tried to take some of the money, likely I would have had to have had a conversation with her, and I don't have anything nice to say to her. So I refunded her, put the check on her desk when she wasn't there, and got an EMAIL from her later saying she was sorry, and that she knew I had spent a lot of time on the items. Ugh. I couldn't respond. Everything I had to say to that was not going to get thru to her. If she knew how much time I had spent, she wouldn't have returned everything and acted like it was no big deal. She would have apologized in person. Etc. But she wouldn't get that, and it wasn't worth my time to try to tell her that. So as far as I am concerned, we are done. She's just another coworker that will come and go.

On the positive side, I finished a pair of I love them so much I am going to make 1000 of them slippers. They are for my uncle George who is having surgery, and I wasn't sure how long they would take to make or how they would turn out. Turns out they rock. They are a perfect size medium in mens, made with 2 strands of worsted yarn, and take a total of about 4 hours for a pair. The pattern is only in the one size, but easily adaptable to other smaller or larger sizes. From now on, this is your gift. Tough if you don't like slippers. (leave me a note if you want the link to the pattern in Ravelry)

They are not my Grandma's slipper pattern. She has sent me her slippers and her pattern, but I kinda feel like those slippers are hers. These are mine. We are both knitters, and we both knit slippers, but we each have our own pattern. So I'm carrying on the tradition in my own way. These are better for me because I like them to cover above the ankle, and these can easily become longer if you want them to be mini leg warmers.

I think these slippers are crack.

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