Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The good, the bad, and the ugly: 100th post

I've come up with a lot of titles for this post today. All of them snarky, because, really, today sucked. there really are no 2 ways around it.
But first, the good.
Last night I was asked my a fellow charity knitter to take over not only the acrylic side of the pet blankets, but also the cotton side. This is good because it means I get to do more with more people for the pets for charity. I'm not sure where the time is going to come from, but I'm not caring about that right now. Mission #1 was to get her spreadsheet info on the current status, which I have done. She did a great job keeping track, so there are just some minor follow up's to do. Mission #2 is to get a complete blog up and running for the pet snuggles. I thought about doing that tonight, but I'll do it this weekend instead. Not sure what mission #3 is, I'm taking this one mission at a time.
The bad, well, there is no bad. There is just the ugly. And it is 17 kinds of UGLY. Fellow knitters, look away!
So the baby set I made for the coworker, well, she came back from medical leave on Monday. Maybe a bit of a preface: I had told her when I was asked to start the project that it would be done at the end of January, in time for a baby shower or whatnot. Well, I had it done. But she went on medical leave. I can empathize, she had a medical thingy that had her out of work. But she had only paid me part of what she owed me, and the entire time she was gone there was no contact regarding the status of the project from her. Before she left, she was given frequent updates by me and frequent hands on to check the status. (refer to when she told me she needed green instead of pink). The girl held the stuff in her HANDS.
Monday she gets back and I give her the stuff and she says she'll pay me the rest in a week or 2. Well, ok. You were supposed to pay me the end of January, but I'll give you a break. Today, she says nonchalantly that the blanket isn't big enough. Now people, she held the blanket. This is a duplicate of the blanket I made for another coworker in the SAME SIZE. She said she wanted that blanket. I told her before I even started that it would be small, it would be for covering in a stroller or something. But no, she said she couldn't wrap it around a freaking TEDDY bear and that it was too small. I just told her to give it back and I would figure something out.
So for the rest of the day I thought about starting that blanket over, because really, at this point and the stitch pattern of the blanket, I am not going to spend another 2 hrs ripping off the pretty border and picking up the stitches to make it longer, it would have to be a new blanket. And even after she pays me the rest, with the time involved including the making of the pink sweater and then the green sweater, I have made about 4$ an hour. I am sick thinking about doing anything more for this woman. This is a woman that when she had her accident and lost all of her hair, I brought her some nice fabric for a head wrap and she just said "could you bring some black tomorrow?".
I can't do it. I just can't do it. When she gives it back she will get 3 options. Take the blanket as is and pay me the rest, keep the stuff she has and she owes me nothing, or give it all back and I will refund her. Because I am not knitting another blanket. I ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT KNIT ANOTHER BLANKET

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