Tuesday, June 3, 2008

As many things as I can think of about me

1. I am a 31 yr old female living in Mpls, Mn
2. If you don't know, Mpls is minneapolis, the land of 2 seasons, frigid and blazing hot
3. I have a great, sexy, wonderful, husband that I love the crap out of. Really.
4. I have been with my husband since 1995, married in 2001
5. don't ask what took so long
6. he proposed in Paris, France at Versailles. great story. ask me if you want to hear. it makes his ears turn red.
7. because i only type in caps at work i have effectively lost the ability to use shift
8. this bugs everyone but me and my coworkers
9. we have 2 cats, Itchy 2 yrs old, and Mulder, 12 yrs old
10. I got Mulder before I me and hubby got together, so he wins every cat fight
11. Mulder has diabetes. this sucks. this is expensive. read blog
12. Itchy was found by me in our lilac bush. I ended up at the ER getting a tetanus shot and antibiotics.
13. me and hubby fight about who wanted to keep him. I maintain that I did NOT want to keep him. hubby named him. called me at work. kept Itchy. My story, not his
14. Itchy is completely insane. If the walls had carpet he would climb them. His favorite thing in the world is water.
15. I haven't taken a shower without Itchy for 2 years
16. Itchy's second favorite thing is a paper bag. Really. He gets pissed when you throw it away because it is a flat piece of paper and not a bag anymore.
17. I love the crap out of my cats.
18. I think Mulder and I were married in a past life. Seriously. That cat gets me.
19. I bought my first house 3 years ago
20. Even though this is Mpls, right in the city, on the showing there were deer in the front yard. I have pics to prove it.
21. the house was so perfect I had a panic attack upstairs when I realized we could buy it
22. This is the first house I have ever lived in
23. hubby hates house/yard work stuff
24. so do i
25. hubby does most of it and tries not to bitch.
26. I appreciate the crap out of #25
27. I am a messy person. I leave crap everywhere. hubby does not. this sucks for him
28. I appreciate that that sucks for him and try not to leave crap everwhere. Our version of crap everywhere tends to not be the same though.
29. This sucks more for him than me. Except when he gets mad. Then it really sucks for me.
30. I am a knitter. How can I not leave crap everywhere? it's just yarn! and needles.. and a ball winder.. and a swift..
31. I am trying not to leave my kntting crap everywhere. Serioulsy.
32. Check back with hubby next month on how #31 is working
33. I grew up all over the place in the midwest, but ended up in Milwaukee in 6th grade.
34. I went to school in Milwaukee, specifically Wauwatosa East high school
35. We had a school shooting that no one ever heard about
36. That bugs me.
37. I had pink/blue/red/orange and other colored hair all thru high school
38. I thought that was fun. I might do that tomorrow. Kool aid dyes hair as well as yarn
39. after high school I spent the summer awol with friends. Mom and stepdad were VERY unhappy. was some of the best days i ever had with my friends. Totally worth it
40. haven't been back since. sometimes good days are best left in the memory instead of trying to revisit
41. I went to college at the U of MN
42. My 1st major was English, my second Mortuary science
43. I ended up with a Bachelors in Independent studies, psych, women's studies and cultural studies
44. it took me 5 yrs to graduate
45. I am still paying off the loans. no end in sight
46. I hated college.
47. I recently completed my master's certificate in health care management.
48. i went back to school to make more money and get a promotion
49. i did and i do
50. my job rocks
51. yes, it's billing management for an HMO, but I have been there 7+ years, and I rock at my job
52. I get to help solve complicated claim problems, and that is cool.
53. I know what I am doing, and that is cool.
54. I love my coworkers, and that is cool
55. My boss is the best boss on the face of the planet, and that is the coolest thing of all
56. I love the crap out of my life most of the time
57. Itchy is the first cat i have ever known to sleep under covers. he's under the comforter on the bed now. it's cute as shit
58. My stepdad Enrique turned me on to knitting. For a b-day present he gave me yarn, chopsticks and the Stitch-N-Bitch book. Best present ever
59. I knit a bookmark and hated it
60. I was diagnosed with panic disorder, took knitting back up because yoga was way hard
61. He created a demon
62. I will knock you down if you touch my sale yarn
63. You will get a handknit item for a present. It might not me on the right holiday... but you will eventually get it
64. If you send me good yarn, it might go in the bowl of "show off yarn" It doesn't mean i don't like it. it means i like it so much I have to show it off.
65. If you inherit me yarn i don't like i will donate it to a good cause. I have done so in the past.
66. If you request an item and you get it 4 years later, it's not an insult. It's that the yarn I have didn't tell me it wanted to be that yet
67. yes, yarn speaks to me. sometimes it yells (see blog) other times it sits quietly for years. I have no control.
68. Call me the yarn whisperer. That's fine

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