Friday, June 13, 2008

Drunken Knitting Night

Ravelry has a group for MN knitters, and once a month a bunch of random people show up at Merlin's Rest and knit together. Tonight was my 2nd time going and I have to say this is the best fun this side of the law to be had. If you knit. We talk yarn, ravelry, knit books, knitters we know, needle choicees, etc. This isn't all we talk about, but it is the majority. And I love the crap out of it. I have gotten a few knitter friends to come with, which rocks, because they get to see that I am not the only crazy obsessed knitter in the world.
The best part ever though? Both times I have gone I have walked in, sat down, said hello, and someone says "hello, I'm .... (insert ravelry name)" and I say oh my gosh I am Mulderknitter, and we instantly feel like we know each other. Freaking cool. I came in tonight with my sweater/turned bag and promply was told that someone had seen in on my project page. (Beam with pride) A woman showed up later that I knew from somewhere, said her ravelry name, and ohmygosh she's on my friends! We had a great bonding moment of remembering when I friended her and she didn't know who I was and I told her I just wanted Mpls knitters for friends and she obliged. Very nice girl. Very gracious girl. Even if she didn't like my brand of yarn choice (you know who you are!)
DH thinks I'm even dorkier than him now. We shall try to prove him wrong. See later posts for pics of snoring/splayed on the couch sleeping. I shall win

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