Sunday, June 15, 2008

Best weekend ever!

I had such an awesome weekend! Saturday I hit an estate sale where I found a box of knitting needles, tons of notions and dpns for $4, a thread holder that hangs on the wall for $15. Came home, looked at it all and knit on the Classic chanel for a few hrs. good fun. Sunday, today, I got up and went to the paint store. I got some paint that matches the tv stand color in my craft room, dug out the $2 shelf I bought about 3 years ago, and painted the shelf and the thread holder. See pics after hung on wall. I am so proud of myself! The whole room has been completely redone by me, and I love everything about it! I feel very crafty and proud of myself. Then I finished the Classic chanel, and because my hand hurts so darn much from using such unforgiving yarn I got the wheel out. I actually was able to mostly (about 60%) spin some decent singles. I may actually dye those singles and see what happens. Seriously. This was a great weekend. For me to get all that accomplished, and spin some semi decent yarn, happy!
When does the other shoe drop???


Lonely Paul said...


iwouldratherbeknitting said...

I have one of those 'sewing thread' holders that I bought at a craft show 'years ago'... it has never been used. Well, the reason is that it's been in storage for the past 18 years... so, I do have a valid excuse. :D

I love to sew too- or I used to-- don't do it much anymore. I did buy some fancy thick fabric and made my friends 'decorator type aprons' for Christmas last year.. (somewhere on my blog- in the sewing section) I liked them- and need to make myself one.

Mulderknitter said...

I did finally put the threads back on, it looks really neat on the wall now. I don't sew as much as I used to either. Usually just some cat toys :)