Thursday, June 5, 2008

I hate the freaking dentist

I have really good dental insurance. I work for a major hopsital here, so I have great insurance. But I hate the freak out of the dentist.
But I go. Because my insurance pays for 2 cleanings a year, and I DO NOT WANT any more dental problems. I have had my share. I have crap teeth. All of my molars have fillings.
And then there is the root canal of 2 years ago. Absolutely hands down put a stick in my eye send me to 4 pap smears instead worst experience of my life. When I was 16 I decided to go sledding in a very bad place. Metal poles, stairs, etc. We were dumb. The last run of the night I got on the tubey thing, spun out of control and went face first, thigh second into a metal pole at eight million miles an hour. Busted out my front tooth. Got it fixed. Then comes 2 years ago. Fixed part falls off. Refix. falls off again. need root canal. After which ensues the worst month of horror of my life. The darn tooth (front tooth) is so infected it no longer takes novocaine. The dentist slit the infection open and drained it WITH NO FREAKING NOVOCAINE. If you have had a root canal, bless your heart. I am glad you survived. I can't beleive i did. If you have not had a root canal, you have no idea the amount of pain, not just at once.... nononononono... over a period of a month or more that you have to endure. Shove a barbed stick in your eye and don't seek medical attention until next month. Then you'll know.
So, all of this in history, my body has a bad rejection to the dentist. It likes to barf on them. Stick those things in my mouth for xrays? barf. drool. burp. disgusting. Get the cleaning thingy out? drool, gag, barf, drool.
It has gotten to the point that the dentist doesn't ask if I want polishing. I don't. Clean the suckers and get me the f out of there. My stomach hurts from gagging dry heaves. You are a nice person but I hate the freak out of you


iwouldratherbeknitting said...

My health insurance has sucky 'dental' insurance. You can only get one teeth cleaning a year (of course, you can do more than that -- you just can't file a claim for more than 1)... and guess how much they pay?

Something like $12.00... and I have the 'high premium health insurance.'

I have had more than one root canal... even had one that the dentist could NOT NUMB my tooth... I was the last appointment of the day... while doing the root canal, my dentist had sweat on his forehead (the assistant had to keep mopping his forehead like the doctors on TV)

We were all glad when the ordeal was over. Soon, it was time to take the temporary crown off and put the real crown on... and you know how they blow that air on your tooth to dry everything off before they glue the new crown on?

WELL.. I got that done WITHOUT A SHOT AT ALL TO NUMB the tooth! Why? He told me that since he can't numb the nerve... and the last time... he had given me the maximum number of shots possible and the nerve still wasn't numb...and as a result... I'd still feel the air being blown on my tooth--- with or without any numbing shots...

HE decided NOT TO GIVE ME THE SHOTS.. so, I wouldn't feel 'ill/bad/etc.' from having all the shots and I agreed with him.

SO, where do I go to get my bravery award? :D

Good luck on your blog.

Mulderknitter said...

Thanks for the comment! love that someone finally left me one, and thanks for the commisseration on the root canal. nice to know i wasn't the only one that endured hell on earth!