Thursday, June 19, 2008

I think I can spin!

I love my new spinning wheel. My mom gave it to me about a month ago, and i hated the freick out of it. Tension wrong, missing a part (spring). Ordered spring. Oiled the freak out of it. Spun crap. Hated it.

But last weekend the wheel decided against being firewood and decided to play nice. It caught a good tension, and let me spin to my hearts content. I have heard that the spinning wheel is a bit like a bicycle. Once you get the tension, you can get it again and keep going.
The pic is of my best spin yet. Not so high on the almighty greatness of spinning, but way way way better than anything else ever before. The stuff in the middle of the bobbin I swear is of even consistensy. And the stuff I spun today is even better. I even moved on to my "good' roving which is some beautifully dyed stuff, and am spinning that. Na na to anyone that says you shouldn't spin your good stuff until you rock at spinning. MY wheel rejects crap roving and I have the proof.


karina said...

Hi I left a comment about the capelet but in the wrong section. i think I put it in the section under the post about the yarn you want to use. I found a pattern I thought was really cute on the Garnstudio web site.

Well done for getting the wheel to behave and getting some spinning done. Have never tried spinning, but that is another thing on my future to learn list.

Mulderknitter said...

Thanks Karina! I will go take a look at the comment! I appreciate the help!