Saturday, June 7, 2008

A quick thank you and some new yarn

Hello! I want to say a quick thank you to the people who have been reading and leaving comments, mainly Eccentric Scorpion, Knitpurlgirl and Iwouldratherbeknitting. If you have a blog, you know how cool it is to read comments. It is a sort of validation that someone has heard you. I read other people's blogs, and try to leave comments when I can (ie have time) so I TOTALLY apprectiate the fact that you have all taken the time to leave a comment. BIG GROUP HUG!
In other news, I visited our new lys in northeast mpls today, Bella Lana, which you can find on ravelry. They carry Tilly Thomas yarns. I fantasize about her yarn. silk, pretty pretty colors, beaded and sequined, 200- yards for $40. I can't afford that in any sense of the word. But, I can afford her newest creation of 270 yards of sea silk and silk blend for $18. No pic yet, but it is destined to be the trim on my version of below blue capelet. I have the perfect yarn for the body, I bought it about a year ago, silk in a dark ivory. Wait till you see! Pics tomorrow!


karina said...

I found this which I think is really cute

Mulderknitter said...

Thanks! I added that to my favorites and will try to translate the "british" english when I get time!