Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Cat stuff

I love the crap out of my cats. You know this. If you have a cat, you have your own reasons for loving the crap out of your cat. I will tell you my reasons, as many as I can remember, with photos of course. The first reason is that Mulder likes to drown his mice. Stuffed mice. And only the mice. For a while he didn't have any stuffed mice because I was sick of fishing them out of the water bowl. Then we got a free one with his food, and he had a new mouse. Immidiately in the bowl. Pic 1 of poor drowned mousey, pic 2 of proud drowner. We even have initiated the "how long does it take Mulder to drown the mouse if we hide it" game. Put the darn mousey on the bathroom scale, went in to pee, Mulder followed, found mousey and HIGH FREAKING TAILED IT to the water bowl. It was a sight to be seen.
I thought he thought he was killing them. But I went to the vet and she suggested that he was putting them in a safe place for later.
Which makes total sense now, because our 2 cats have EXTREME territorial issues over the water bowls. One is Itchy's, one is Mulder's. It changes on a day to day basis, and only they know the rules of the water bowl game, but clearly, there are rules. Apparently, this day, Mulder had the blue/red bowl. Don't freaking ask me.


karina said...

Love your cats. Thought at first that you were talking about live mice. I have four cats and they are all lunatics well 3 of them the fourth is 15 years old and just take a swipe at the other 3 when they become to out of control. the 3 younger ones are all under a year old.

Mulderknitter said...

I'm not sure Mulder would know what to do with a live mouse. He'd probably just look at it. Mulder tries to stay away from itchy, but Itchy is so crazy he likes to attack Mulder. sounds like your cats!