Sunday, June 8, 2008

Help me find a capelet pattern for this

So this is the yarn I want to use to make the capelet below. 1000 yards of laceweight mercenized cotton. feels and looks like silk. Got the tilli thomas silk and seasilk to do the edging.
Guess what? 2 hrs on the internet and I can't find an appropriate pattern for the capelet with this weight of yarn. Yep, tried ravelry. yep, did google.
I found a few that might work if I could do the math for it. Ugh.... hate math. Only part of knitting that sucks for me.
So, take a look at the blue capelet below, and help me find a pattern that kinda looks like it. I don't want sleeves. I don't want cables. I want light and pretty, allowing the yarn to flow and drape like it should. Don't worry about the edging. I can figure that out I am reasonably sure.
Seriously folks. This will drive me batty. I need your help


karina said...

I can't see the capelet that you are talking about, am I supposed to click on something? Love the yarn, very nice.
BTW I love to do puzzels as well, have been years since I have done one since my kids are still small and won't leave the pieces alone.

Mulderknitter said...

The other capelet is in an earlier post, it is dark blue. Just scroll down a bit.
Itchy refuses to leave the pieces alone as well. and he's a cat, not a kid!

karina said...

I saw the capelet. very pretty. looks sortof victorian.

If I was you I would look around for capelets that is made with the thickness of yarn that you like and then add your own details to it. Like lace patterns you may end up having to frog it back just to get the look right. But I'm sure it will feel great once it is done. or read a lot of patterns just to get an idea of how they are constructed and then make up your own pattern. You can do it.

BTW my fil gave me a puzzel he bought in a charity shop the other day. Two tigers laying together, may just have to have a go at it

Mulderknitter said...

Thanks for the advice Karina! I was kind of thinking the same thing about the construction of it, but the yarn is so nice I would hate to have to frog it too much.