Monday, June 2, 2008

I finished a puzzle

It only took about 2 years to do. 1000 pieces, called "sleeping beauty" my mom gave it to me a while ago, and I never finished. Itchy ran away with some pieces so I got frustrated. As you can see in the top left, itchy is still hiding some of those pieces. But it's finished! The green thing is a piece of felt that you lay the puzzle on as you work, then roll it up on a tube and tie so it stays together. pretty brilliant. Another present from my Mom.

Yes, I'm 31, but I like puzzles. If you are a knitter or a crafter of any type, you can probably relate. I like the process of completing something. I like picking yarn, the pattern, watching it all unfold (the right way of course). So that's why I like puzzles. It's a process thing. If you prefer the FO or finished object more you probably can't relate.

Off to start another puzzle. This one is only 500 pieces, but it glows in the dark!

To those of you that know me, Mulder went for another diabetes check at the vet today. He did a ferocious growl at the new tech, to whom I warned "he likes to pee on people". He did have his favorite vet who I think has a crush on him, so he was ok. His blood sugar is still in the 300's, but it could be stress, aka he hates the vet. I am going to buy a home glucometer before I up his dose or put him thru tests (aka $) to see if there is an underlying problem for the insulin resistance. Send money. Diabetes is expensive.

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