Saturday, June 21, 2008

I knit more stuff

I've been knitting from my stash lately. I feel really good about this. Not that I don't want to buy more yarn, I do, but I seem to have this radar for estate and garage sales that sell an enourmous amount of yarn and I buy it all. Like the Textiles center garage sale a few months ago where I walked away with 1 1/2 of the large Target bags full of yarn for about $100. I know that sounds like a lot to drop on yarn, but consider the quantity, and also the quality. This wasn't crap acrylic. this was great yarn, some with 5 skeins for a dye lot.

So I'm trying to knit from my stash because it is estate and garage sale season. I'm not dumb. I know I will find a huge stash of someone's somewhere and drop a couple hundred $ on the best yarn purchase of my life. It happened last year when a yarn snob passed away and her friends sold her stash. Got the best yarn of my life in complete dye lots of 12 or so skeins a piece. Egyptian cotton, mohair, silk, etc. Thousands of dollars worth of yarn at that sale and I wiped them out for a few hundred. Again, lots of $ but not when you consider. I swear.

Back to knitting from stash. I have a great stash. Love my stash. Except that I have some weird stuff in there that can only go for specific knits. Such as pink. Really. Who wears pink? Acrylic pink? So a coworker is having twin girls and yep, you guessed it, she's getting 2 pairs of pink booties. Another coworker had a grandson. She got green baby booties. Bought the book Knitting Little Luxuries, made the Charlotte bag from stash. Even the darn ribbon was stash.
Look out Craigslist. Here I come.

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